Farewell Party

It was such a memorable night for me.

I had great plans for my party for several months but as the days dwindle on, I realize that my procrastination and part-time laziness was catching up to me. I didn’t really start to gather things for my party until a week before the finalized date. I remember messaging some of my good friends individually, asking if they wanted to come. Then I had made a list of invitees with going and maybes. As the day of the party became closer, I became more excited. I was happy to have the opportunity to have a party with decorations made by me. A few days before, I went party supply shopping with my best friends to several shops and we had lots of fun. We were goofing around and enjoying our last couple of days together. Long story short, we got most of the items that I needed f`or the party, with a little bit of mishaps then and there.

On the actual day of the party,

I was so happy.

I skipped breakfast and went straight to decorating my house with streamers, banners and balloons that I made. After doing so, I set up the food table with platters of appetizers, entrees and desserts. I had early on decided that the theme of my party would be white and some kind of shade of blue. I then quickly made some mini sandwiches with Hawaiian bread rolls, swiss cheese and ham. I was done with almost everything approximately 30 minutes before the party, which started at 6, and I took a shower and got ready in time for the party.

I was then greeted slowly, one by one, by some of closest friends and joy was quickly seeping into me and let me tell you,

I was ecstatic.

Throughout the party, we ate, talked, took pictures, tried out a game of spinning Bean Boozeled (the majority out of the 24 of us, were unlucky) and played Cards Against Humanity.

All in all, I really appreciated the time that I got to spent with them.

On another note, one of the CBYX CIEE finalist named Jared, lives 20 minutes away from me and he was able to come to my party as well!

At the end of the party, I asked people to write little notes for me on a quick watercolor painting that I made and framed.

I also made a cute little snapchat filter for my farewell party, which took me a whole day to make with several advices from my friends for ramifications throughout the day.

I just want to leave on a note of thanks to my family and friends that have been so supportive, it truly means a lot! 🙂





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