verb, dis·cov·er \dis-ˈkə-vər\
to learn or find out (something surprising or unexpected)
Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary



 Hello there! My name is Nini and I am from the sunshine (and sometimes rainy) state called Florida.

I am an International Baccalaureate alumna. I have recently finished my final year of high school and decided that I will take a little detour called gap year before I embark on my journey to college.

Thanks to the U.S. Congress and German Bundestag, I am able to do so in the year of 2016-2017 in Germany.

I’m extremely excited to be granted this opportunity and I cannot wait to share it with others! I love food, traveling and creating memories and I am excited to share my adventures on my blog. I have to warn you though, I am a bit cheesy at times! Come join me in the exploration of pieces of the world.

Updated: I am now a first-year at a small liberal arts college in southern California! I will be updating the blog to fit my current experiences as well.


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