After four long years, IB Diploma Awarded

Great news!

I’m extremely happy and excited to say that I received my IB Diploma and am now an official IB alumna. The news arrived to IB students around the world in early July (the 5th to be exact). Anticipation was what I felt when I put in the login details to view my IB scores.

Although, I have to admit that I did start to receive a large dosage of senioritis around my second semester of senior year and that did reflect a teensy bit on my IB scores. Even so, I am happy that all the hard work that I have put in for four years has paid off! My class had a 95% diploma awarded rate out of 102 students and I am really happy that I had the opportunity to know them as most of them were like my second family during the years.

A little note from my present self to my past self:

Yes, in a way, IB was worth it. The programme has shaped me into part of the person that I am today. I felt like I gained another family filled with friends and teachers. I also gained new perspectives, shared sweat and tears with other fellow IB students and gained new techniques on studying.

So yeah, I guess in a way, IB was for me.


Thanks for reading!



IB Done!


It has been around a month since I have been officially done with IB (my last IB exam was the ITGS Paper 3) and it feels kind of weird. Anyways, a ton of events have occurred since then! A couple of days after exams, I went to prom with friends on Friday (my dress was bought the night before).

In the following weeks, came a series of senior-year events. There was the move-up ceremony, bell tower signing, senior dinner, grad party and the IB ceremony. There was a lot of photo taking after each event. I usually don’t participate in photos often but I am really glad that I did anyways. I enjoyed going to these events with my friends as it was our last year together before we partake in different paths of our lives. (And in the process of these events, I have to admit that I became addicted to taking photo booth pictures somehow)

The move-up ceremony is a tradition at my school. It is where every grade level moves up a grade literally. It takes place in the auditorium and the students are seated in their corresponding grade levels with the seniors in their caps and gowns. Each grade level then moves up, one level by one level and takes the seat of their predecessors.

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The bell tower signing was one of the most memorable senior events for me. I have heard about this event, years before from previous seniors and I was so excited to participate in one of my school’s long-time traditions.  Seniors get to go through a secret narrow path to one of the school’s bell towers and sign their names on the brick walls inside of the bell tower.


For the senior dinner, we received free dinner from Carrabba’s and there was a nice set-up with decorated banquet tables in our gym. We had the option of getting salad, pasta, some type of meat, bread sticks, cookies and lemonade. There was also a photo booth and DJ.


Next, came the IB senior celebration. It was so  fun with acts from our IB class and many speeches. There was also our families and teachers celebrating with us. At the end, we each received a gift bag with a CD of our senior year video, a green IB cookie and other things.


My graduation finally came next. Wearing heels was a bad mistake that I made that day. (It was a huge mistake in believing that the pain would be tolerable. It was not.) Before graduation, we went through a bag check and a metal detector. Then, phones were placed in Ziploc bags as they were not allowed to be used during the ceremony. Next, we received our graduation medal and we were instructed to stand by for an hour or so. Finally, the ceremonious music came and we walked as graduates to our chairs. During my graduation ceremony, there were two valedictorian speeches, one for the traditional class and the other for the IB class. There was also a speech from our principal who talked about the achievements of our class of 2016.

Before we were called one by one to receive our diplomas, we had to take photos with two backdrops. Another photo was taken as we received our diplomas and shook hands with the principal. The diploma that we received was an empty cover, so we had to go get our diploma papers after the ceremony.


The graduation party was a couple of days after graduation. It was a great party for the night and there were so many types of food (the chocolate fountain with strawberries were my favorite). There was also a DJ and a photo booth. The party was truly fun and it was all thanks to the parents of the seniors sponsoring and hosting the party.


I was also invited to several of my good friends’ graduation parties. One day, I had a packed schedule (which never really happens). I first went to my friend’s graduation party, then drove the opposite direction to my friend’s birthday party and then went to another friend’s graduation party at night (back to back). It was one of the most hectic days that I ever had.


Finally, I have made a new goal for myself before I leave for Germany. I would like to make watercolor paintings for all of my good friends so they could use it as decor for their dorm or anything of the sort. The watercolor paintings would be based on what I think they represent or their hobbies and interests. I was able to make several so far, approximately four or five and I forgot to take pictures of most of them 😦

Here’s one of them! (I’ll update this post and I will add more when I am able to get pictures of them)


Thanks for reading my post,